Root Canals

Root canal treatment is a treatment option for a tooth that has either developed irreversible inflammation of the pulp/nerve or has lost blood supply and is no longer vital.

A tooth may develop these conditions of the pulp for various reasons, usually as a consequence of an existing or prior cavity. This may also occur due to a crack in the tooth that approximates or extends into the nerve/pulp of the tooth.

The goal of root canal therapy is to disinfect and sterilize the root canal system of the tooth.  This is done using chemical and mechanical techniques. Once sterilization of the root canal system is complete, the space that once was occupied by the nerve and blood vessels is filled with a special sealer and root filling material called Gutta Percha.


Following a root canal, and depending on remaining tooth structure, a crown is often recommended.  A crown is recommended to prevent the tooth from fracturing due to reduced remaining tooth structure or pre-existence of a crack.