Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful teeth. This should be the goal of all dental care and procedures.

“Cosmetic Dentistry” refers to dentistry where the main function of the dental procedures is to achieve an excellent aesthetic outcome. One should ask, “Shouldn’t the dentist always be trying to make my teeth beautiful?” Yes this is true. Every dentist sets out to do beautiful dental work. So how is Cosmetic Dentistry different.

Cosmetic dentistry typically refers to veneers, crowns, orthodontics and whitening procedures. Essentially the main goal of the dental work is to improve the look of the patient by improving the aesthetics of the patients smile. Smiling is contagious. Everyone loves a beautiful full smile.

Cosmetic dental work-ups are often different as well. When working on front teeth, especially if completing 2 or more veneers or crowns we will often utilize a digital or model wax-up. This procedure will allow the patient to see the shape and size of their final prosthesis. The patient can work with the dentist and lab that will be making the crown to try and achieve the end result we were looking for. Digital wax-ups allow us to send changes back and forth the lab fairly quickly as we work towards our final esthetic result.