If a patient has insurance or multiple insurance plans, they often appreciate it when a dental office will collect directly from the dental insurance provider. This is referred to as Assignment of Benefits or Direct Billing.

Direct billing allows the dentist to collect the portion of the treatment fees covered by the patient’s dental insurance plan leaving the patient responsible for their co-payment (the portion not covered by their dental insurance).

Princeton Dental Clinic currently accepts Assignment of Benefits and Direct Bills insurance companies on behalf of the patients.

We do this as patient service on behalf of the patient not the insurance plan. The patient is ultimately responsible for all costs associated with dental services provided. We will do our best to help patients work with their dental plans.

Patients are also given the option of paying for dental services directly and then we can also submit claims on behalf of the patient.  Patients can be reimbursed directly from their insurance plan. This is typically the fastest way to achieve reimbursement following dental treatment.

Direct billing and dental insurance add complexity to the process of collecting payment for dental services. Ultimately the responsibility of the patient if their dental insurance coverage does not pay for some treatment or is no longer in effect.

As a clinic we try our best to be as accurate as possible and ensure estimate, pre-determinations and co-payments are highly accurate however occasionally we may receive slightly less or slightly more from the insurance company resulting in either a debit or credit on the patient’s account.